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The Wine Cellar Beer List

Featuring a unique selection of wines from Australia

The Wine Cellar located in the original basement of the Inn serves two purposes; superb wine storage and exquisite private dining for up to 8 people. The Wine Cellar is the perfect place for your next intimate dinner or small party. The private space and one on one service will make your night one to remember.


Wine Glasses

Featured Winery:Two Hands Wines

The Mono Cliffs Inn is proud to carry an Aussie favourite, Two Hands Wines . Co-founder Michael Twelftree, "Winemaking for me is a labour of love, a passion, and a craft. I have walked every vineyard, made every picking decision and tasted every individual barrel of each wine we’ve ever produced. I can’t imagine there are too many winery owners around the world that take the pursuit of quality that personally."
This dedication makes for some delicious wines. We carry several varieties - ask for our current selection on your next visit.